Sponsor a Participant


Dear Friend of the Community:
The West Coast Dolphins was founded on the premise that all kids regardless of size or skill level should have the option to participate in organized tackle football.
Youth sports has proven to be a catalyst for many young players to better understand the need for further education, and can be the glue that holds these players to the academic structure. One of the goals of the program is to leverage the players desire to play football as a tool to reinforce the importance of school and community. Occasionally, we are approached by children who may be academically proficient, yet economically hindered. West Coast Dolphins does its best to provide scholarships for these players, but since we are a community organization that relies solely on funds raised from fundraising efforts and sponsorship, granting a scholarship to every applicant causes a financial strain on the team.
Individual and corporate sponsors can help defray registration expenses.

Please consider helping out a football player or cheerleader by sponsoring a child for a cost of $325.00

Your contribution of $325.00 will cover a specific child’s registration fees, game and practice uniforms, equipment, insurance costs, and league fees. Please be a part of something great for our community by becoming a Player Sponsor today. The young football player will have you to thank as they learn and play the game of football. All sponsors are recognized on our website and in our Banquet Program.