12687841_510789219092239_4808776744276432256_nWe are AYF certified (affiliates)

Eligible for to play in state championship
-Winner of state play in regional championship (winner of LV vs AZ)
-Winner of regional goes to Nationals in Florida.

-All superbowl winners will get superbowl rings for free players and coaches
-Kids will come onto the field thru a customized blow up WCD helmet with smoke
-Black tie event at end of year which is a ceremony to give Jr Heisman (MVP) awards to the top kids at every age level.

Top Academic scholars get tablets
3.5 and up GPA gets certificates
Superbowl winners from California conference plays superbowl winner from Florida conference
Crystal ball football trophy just like NCAA championship trophy.
Lots of exposure thru media coverage, commercials, live commentators at games,
Blow up Tunnel that kids run out of before all games
Competition, top teams in SoCal
Most winning chapters in one conference in socal… highest competition in a conference

So the road to Florida goes as follows…
1st win SCFYFL, then beat SDYFC, then beat the winner of AZ & LV